Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Roomie Search Begins

So, yesterday I put an ad up on Craig's List to announce that I'm looking for roommates (one or more). I've had two emails so far one from a guy and one from a girl. I hate potlucking when it comes to roommate situations--I had to do random roommate matches for three years in college and only ended up with 2.5 good roommates (the .5 was a cool girl, but a freeloader so she lost half a point). For some reason it's even scarier having to find a random person who lives 1965.28 miles away from me.

Wow, I'm moving nearly 2,000 miles from here ......... I guess we'll tackle this on another post.

Who knows what's going to happen as far as the roommate situation goes. I figure, as long as they don't kill me in my sleep, I can handle almost anyone and any personality. Strike that. I don't do hyper people very well. Hyper people irritate me to no end. I suppose it's because I'm generally calm and laid back. Anyway, if I end up with a horrible person I'll just move, which will be considerably easier since I won't have much and don't plan on collecting random things (DVDs and books aside) anymore. But, I'd really like to not move once I get up to NH. We'll see.

The person I talked to today is looking for a place in Portsmouth. She told me Dover, where I've been daydreaming my self to live, has the nickname "Dirty Dover". Dirty Dover!?!?! No one told me this when I was up there! Makes me wonder what else was left out. I still like Dover though--a little dirtiness doesn't hurt anyone! She sorta made me curious about Portsmouth, but it might be a little naive to base my living decision on the fact that the city has cobblestone sidewalks. Cobblestones! Come on... who agrees with me... something about that sounds immensely quaint and homey.

Okay, I won't be seduced by the cobblestones.

Anyway, I guess maybe I'll keep my eyes open and my intuition up as far as the roommate situation goes. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll find a decent person to live with up there.

Side note: I said that I wouldn't care about living with a guy, but I do have my reservations. The last time I lived with a guy was back at my parents house when I suffered sharing a bathroom with my little brother who tinkled all over the seat, coughed up phlegm and left globs sitting in the sink for me to find later, and never hung up towels. I may stick to female roomies if I only live with one other person. We'll see.


Margosita said...

Only be seduced by cobblestone streets if there will be horses walking along them. Short of that I think their charm can be resisted! (At least for me.)

Good luck with the roommate scenario. Except for one of my freshman roommates (who met guys on the internet who she invited to come stay in our dorm room and have violent sex that left scratches on her back!) all my random-roommate situations have worked out well. I think most people can be tolerable to live with and you sound easy-going, which I think is key.

Taggie7 said...

OMG! I would have a serious problem with random internet guys coming over! How on earth did you handle that?!?!

Speak Coffee said...

I'm arriving at the same point: craigslist searches. I did my first last night.

Everyone I heard from (back when I still thought I was going to UNH) said Dover was where the grad students went. And I think "quaint" is the word for Portsmouth. Like if you have a kid move to Portsmouth and put a swing in the backyard. But obviously I was just getting impressions as I haven't even been to NH!

I know people who've gotten good roommates off craigslist (chicago and nyc of all places) but it still seems strange to me.

Of random roommates I've had 4/5 good ones. All except the loony uptight one from Belfast. Then 2 of us ganged up on her and made her cry, life got better then b/c she avoided us. Sad, but true.

Worst case senario: bad roommates are novel fodder.


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