Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's settled...

My mom is buying my dad an airplane ticket to fly back from New Hampshire on August 3. So I think that means I won't have to officially ask him to come (although I probably will!). I said a few posts back that I was going to ask him one night this week, but didn't get around to it. Why? I blame my sister. She spent the week at our parent's house and was constantly calling/texting to tell me all the crazy things Dad was doing.

The following text was upsetting: Dad's driving is making me car sick.

Really? You're going to send me such a text when you KNOW that the man will be driving with me 31 hours to New Hampshire? I guess she forgot that he was driving with me, because when I told her that her calls/texts were not making me feel better about my move, she apologized and swore she wouldn't tell me any crazy stories again.

I wonder if I can drive for 31 hours. Driving myself is the only way I'll feel remotely comfortable on the road. I'm probably imagining the worse possibly scenario for my trip with Dad--I do that sometimes. It might be a really great trip. I'm going to document it and give ya'll a play-by-play--maybe even take some video of my dad driving in the shoulder the whole way (making sure that at least one tire is on the rivets). The drive itself will be my first adventure.

In other news. My garage sale is in 9 days. I'm having a pre-sale for my friends the night before. The landlady didn't get back to me when I emailed her to make sure that it's okay. We'll see if she does.

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Margosita said...

Oh good! Videos! :)

Good luck with your garage sale. It'll feel good to get rid of some stuff, I think.


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