Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling a little brain dead.

It feels weird not to be working on a project of some sort, which is making for incredibly long, slow days.

Where are my ideas?

Where are my daydreams?

Why is my brain on strike?

I suppose I need this time to chill and edit, but I have no motivation.

Avoiding? Perhaps.

I could do a bunch more spin-offs, but I think I want to work on new characters. Something will come to me. Maybe the garage sale (2 days away!) has stressed me out so much that I can't focus on more than that at the moment. Hmm... I will test this theory. If I have a new story idea on Monday it means that all lobes of my brain were focusing on pricing and garage sale logistics. If I'm still blocked it means that I'm likely brain dead and need a major dose of inspiration.

Side note: Thanks to all who have been reading! :)

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