Monday, June 30, 2008

Block free! (I hope!)

So... I think I may have had a breakthrough and a new idea has finally come to me. There were moments these past two weeks that I thought I had flares of inspiration, but no real spark of motivation. I'm not sure that I have the spark now, but as a friend said, maybe I just need to start writing and all the creativity and ideas will come to me.

It took a weekend of movie watching (Ghostbusters, Fools Gold, Jumper, Wall-E, Chocolat (part of it), and The Mummy) to give me a spark. I'm not sure which of the aforementioned movie was the key to breaking through this writer's block that I've had. It's probably a combination of many, but the idea's here and I'm going to grab it and work on an outline.

In other random bits from the weekend and my life:

  • 31 days left in Texas.

  • My sister has successfully relocated to Maryland after a stressful start (car shut down because it thought she was stealing it, AC broke, dog started peeing blood).

  • Wall-E is super cute, very nice story, lots of chubby people.

  • I can't believe I was ever afraid of Ghostbusters! What a joke. Awww, little Tanya (sorry, nostalgic moment).

  • I have to reassess how many clothes to bring with me to New Hampshire. Space Bags are awesome, but I still have too much.

  • Thinking about selling my lovely 27-inch, flat screen, 100+ lb TV to have more room for things in my car. Time for an upgrade?

  • Got my eyes checked. Still blind.

  • Mom and Dad are in Alaska on a cruise together. Dad turned 70 on June 26.

  • Sent the deposit for my room today. Hopefully this is a good move and not a disastrous potluck situation.

  • Bought two books this weekend -- nothing substantial, just little escapes of the heart.

  • Had a horrible dream last night that my cat (Tri) was covered with horrible sores. Very upsetting. Also woke up sweaty, which I hate. Crap... I forgot to turn the AC back up to 80 before I left today.

  • My new boss starts tomorrow. Whoopie.

  • There were bad storms in Omaha -- my brother drives a converted Krispy Kreme truck to do his vending and was caught out in the storm. Scary.

  • I'm sad that my niece is growing up without me around. I want to be the kick-ass aunt. I'll just have to keep sending her presents. Babies and bribes--that's how you do it.


Margosita said...

Your sister must have a fancy car if it's capable of thoughts of its own!

Tanya said...

haha, right! The anti-theft system was messed up :)


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