Monday, June 2, 2008

The Great Debate

I have a dilemma.

My dad has mentioned about five or six times that if I want him too, he'll drive up to New Hampshire with me at the end of July. Just me, him, Tri, and the essentials that I'll pack into my car.

He says the same thing: "You know... if you want me to, I can drive up there with you. Just let me know a few weeks beforehand." (He also repeats the same thing at least twice in our conversation.)

My dilemma: I'm torn with what I want to do.

1) Drive solo and have a cross country adventure. Just me, my gato, and the open road.
2) Drive with dad and get in some father-daughter time.

What I want and what I should do are very clear to me: I want to go alone, but I should go with my dad.

Why should I go with my dad? Time is of the essence--may not get another cross-country road trip with him (because I don't plan on making such a trip ever again). But if I were to make a pros and cons list, the cons (all related to his driving) make me want to take a solo mission. I never minded dad's driving when I didn't have a licence. Now, he looks at everything but the road, hugs the shoulder and runs over the rivets put there for sleepy drivers (because he likes the sound), and will side-seat drive every moment he can. Would it be nice to have the company? Sure! Will it make for a pleasant 31-hour drive? The verdict is still out.

So, what to do, what to do. Weigh in my friends... I need help. Or have I already made up my mind?

Update: I'm going to ask my Dad to go with me. It's the right thing to do, and after my sister told me that he was looking forward to spending time with me, how can I deny it.


Margosita said...

Hmmm. Would your dad be generous in pitching in for gas and food? Because with gas close to $4/gallon it may be worth gritting your teeth over those rivets if you're not the one opening your wallet every time you stop at the pump.

I think you're right. You probably should take your dad up on his offer, even if you don't want to. You might not have any fond memories of those 31 hours, but I bet he will. If he's anything like my dad it'll be something he can brag about to his friends (especially when you're a famous author!). "Yep, I gave her her start in the world! I even drove her to start her graduate program!" That'd be a sweet thing to give him.

angie said...

My opinion, take it with a grain of salt.... if you don't take him with, you may regret it for a lot of different reasons. And I don't think you will regret the choice to take him. Sure, you may have to grit your teeth through the drive at points, but I bet he will feel so good knowing he was there for you through the trip, and he will treasure those memories... some of which I bet you will treasure, too. I don't know a lot about your relationship with your dad, so I say all this from an uneducated POV. But I guess a question you have to ask yourself is.... Can you tell your dad NO,I don't want you to come along?

Taggie7 said...

He probably would be generous with the gas... but I don't want to feel like a freeloader. He did express some level of guilt (perhaps) when we chatted on the phone last night. He mentioned that he really hadn't helped me out a lot with school in the past as he had my siblings. (I was too old to take advantage of the Texas Tomorrow Fund that pays for tuition when it's still cheap. Thus my college loan payments are triple my sister's.) So he wants to help me now. I feel bad taking money though--I've been too independent I suppose.

But you're both right... probably need to grit my teeth a bit and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for weighing in! :)


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