Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found a room!!

So... I think I've found a room in New Hampshire.

I'll be spending $400 a month. Total. That means for everything: cable, internet, utilities, heat, phone, water, etc.

$400! I can't believe it. She'll check my references and after that, it's mine. It's in a family home so I'll live with a couple and their little girl. I don't really care though, not at all. Not for $400.

So, keep your fingers crossed that this will work out for me, becasue that's the BEST price I'm probably ever going to find.


angie said...

Is it that place you showed me? WOO HOO!!! Happy for you! My fingers (and toes) are crossed that it works out!

Margosita said...

Whoa! That's awesome! I'm jealous!


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