Monday, June 9, 2008

Farm Livin' is the Life For Me... maybe

So I spent the weekend at a friends farm out in the country. She lives on a 28-acre converted watermelon patch. (I think that's what she said it used to be.) It's a nice chunk of land, a little hilly and desolate, with a big 8-foot deep 20-foot (est.) wide pond full of snakes (or so many of us believe). We played a drinking game called "Moose", had a water balloon fight, petted donkeys and goats, watched dogs frolic, grilled hamburgers, and snacked nonstop. It was pretty fun and very relaxing for me. Part of me has always imagined myself living in the country when I'm older. Only I wouldn't pick central Texas as a location--I'd choose somewhere up north where it's cooler. I know nothing about farming or livestock, but I could probably make it work. I just want a lake/pond and a white Aflac-like duck. One day... perhaps. I think I just need to live in a place where there's a lot of nature around. Nature that's not surrounded by huge blood sucking bugs and 100-degree weather.


I haven't written about writing here in a while. I'm intrigued by the idea of graphic novels. I actually know very little about this genre. A current UNH student mentioned Adrian Tomin's graphic novel "Shortcomings". I haven't looked into this yet. I was also introduced to Coco Wang's strip about the China earthquakes on Margosita's blog "Learning to Write, Among Other Things". This strip is powerful--at least it was for me anyway. If only I could draw, I could probably come up with some killer novels this way. However, I'm still perplexed by this style and need to investigate more. Right now all I can think is: "How/why does a long comic book have more clout than a chic-lit (popular fic) novel in the literary world?" and "Does it?" Very confusing. I may leave work early and go peruse the Barnes and Nobel graphic novel section. Anyone have any other good recommendations?

I suppose I'm in another writing fog. I'm about 9 pages into this latest chapter and yet have little desire to complete it. I've lost the groove. I wish I wouldn't slip in and out of the flow, but it happens all the time. So, I need to find my way back to the groove. I wonder if I'm getting bored with the story. I've been thinking about this story that I've been writing on-and-off for a few years. That's usually a key that I'm bored with something (daydreaming about other things). Maybe I should outline this new/old story to get it out of my head.

Roomie Updates: I received another email this weekend from a potential roommate--she seems pretty interesting and laid back through email. So, I'll keep communicating with her and we'll see. The other girl never responded to my last email when I told her more about myself. Maybe there was something there that she wasn't compatible with. That's okay... I don't think I want to stay in Portsmouth anyway. Not for the first year anyway. Dirty Dover is the place for me!

Moving Update: Countdown to my garage sale: 12 days! I asked my landlord if it was OK for me to have a yard sale on her property, but she hasn't responded. I guess I'll have it anyway--what's she gonna do evict me?! HAHA. Dad keeps asking my sister if I'm going to ask him to drive with me up north. After her tales of his erratic driving this weekend at the beach, I have reservations again. But... I'm supposed to be doing things that scare me. This tops my list for now. I'll call Dad tonight. *gulp*


Esther said...

My favorite part of this is that you want a white Aflac-like duck. I'll come visit you someday when you live in the country.

Speak Coffee said...

One white duck - I love it!

I decided the other day that I wanted to live in Traverse City and maybe work at Interlochen someday. It's not farm living (although there's tons of cherry orchards up that way) but it's definitely out in the country. I just need a room where I can write, right?


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