Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Smells Intoxicating

I spent my afternoon in Somersworth, NH, with a girl that I met online. She'll attend UNH for non-fiction writing; she wants to write a book on the Tour de France. I'm pretty fortunate to have met so many people before coming to school. Makes this move and big transition less awkward and lonely. We ate pizza at Amatoe's (think Tomatoes), went to Target where I bought myself some fun rain boots, and then headed back to her place. She lives in a converted mill -- what type, I'm not sure. But it's beautiful, especially behind her house where the river runs over huge rocks and the trees have lime green leaves. I could have stood out there forever I think, even in the drizzling rain and cool 61-degree breeze. It's a nice wet day today. Gotta love it.

After dropping her off, I drove back through Dover and stopped at the public library. I haven't been inside a public library in several years. I went to Texas A&M's library all the time, but there's something different about academic libraries. One thing remains the same though... the delicious smell of aged paper. The library is in an old building downtown, the floors creak when you walk, all of the book stacks are metal, and there are narrow staircases that lead down to a restricted area and up to a teen corner. There are plenty of study tables and big windows perfect for watching the rain/snow (perfect for daydreaming). The library seems like a perfect little nook; a place where maybe I could be inspired to actually sit down and write something. I might try that later this week or weekend. I still need to explore Dover, but I'd like to try and crank out something creative this week.

In other news, one of my eight boxes of books/DVDs arrived today. I'm sure they'll slowly start trickling in. I hope so anyway.

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