Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beetlejuice Flashbacks

While driving through Dover a few days ago I noticed a covered bridge, which is a key fixture for most New England states I think. Today I went back to investigate. It's a simple bridge that doesn't really lead anywhere exciting, unless you consider skate parks exciting. I don't. Too bad it didn't end at a nice normal park or something like that. I'll find one that does eventually. Anyway, these bridges always remind me Beetlejuice, a classic 1988 movie and one of my favorites.

I received my first text book in the mail yesterday: The Essential Tales of Chekhov. I've read the introduction and two stories so far and feel a tad bit smarter than I did the other day. I also went to the library and found a book of Flannery O'Connor's stories (another writer who I'll be studying this semester) and read the introduction of that book. Familiarizing myself with these authors before reading their works will be pretty helpful, I hope, in understanding why they wrote what they did. I found myself relating in some ways to O'Connor. I'll probably read more about her online and will buy the second text for that class tomorrow after my first day working at Barnes and Noble (with my 30% book discount). I work the 7:00am to 2:00pm. The 7am thing should be interesting... a shock to the institution of laziness that I've adopted for the past three weeks. Vacations are nice.


Margosita said...

Hey! I'm reading Chekhov, too!

angie said...

Am I really dumb if I have no idea who Chekhov is? ha ha. I am off to google him. or her. I don't know yet.


Tanya said...

Not at all! I barely knew who he was either... his stories are good. Still don't know what's so perfect about them... I guess I'll learn that in school.


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