Friday, August 8, 2008

Interning for Change

So, today I filled out an application to become an intern for Barack Obama's campaign here in New Hampshire. I think it's pretty exciting actually, to take part in the whole process, which is why I applied. It's nice to have a candidate that I actually believe in -- someone who excites me about politics and the direction our country could possibly take. I'm moderate most of the time -- I voted republican eight years ago. It's been an eye-opening eight (especially the last four) years and I firmly believe that it's time for a BIG change in this country. I hope to be a part of the movement, in any way possible.

I'm sure that all states have similar campaigns for students -- join, join, join if you can. Even if you're voting for the other guy, sign up for his campaign. I think it's about our involvement and knowing what's being said that is the most important, especially for the younger crowd. You may hate politics, that's fine, but have an open mind and open ears. Listen to the ideas and the thoughts being presented and form opinions. It's important!

Here's the link to New Hampshire's application, I'm sure you can find your state off this page.


Speak Coffee said...

Oh! New Hampshire politics! Seriously ... although the primaries are over (and that's the big time for interns camping out in NH) but still it's a state that takes it's political campaigns very seriously - and thoughtfully as well. Exciting!

angie said...

OOOH... I hope you get that internship. How awesome would that be!! Go Obama!!


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