Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Loving the Weather

Today's weather was ideal for me... I'm pretty sure it didn't get much higher than 72-degrees. It's currently 66-degrees out. My bedroom windows are open, it's finally cool in my room (it's been pretty stuffy the past couple days). It's just nice overall. It's supposed to rain sometime tomorrow I guess. My plan was to drive into downtown Dover and find a place to park and then walk around town. I might go to the library and get a card. Maybe I'll spend a few hours reading or something, we'll see.

Today I had lunch with a girl I met here in March. I drove into Durham, to the University of New Hampshire campus. That was quite interesting, was a little lost, parked momentarily in the bike lane, and felt like I was a beacon for people to stare at. I really do feel like I stick out here. I suppose my Texas license plates don't help, nor do the Texas A&M shirts. I bought two New England t-shirts when I was at Wal-Mart yesterday. They help a little. Anyway, this new friend took me to this little place in Newmarket, NH, The Riverworks Restaurant & Tavern. We ate in the Tavern portion I suppose. It was a nice place, with deep-red brick walls, a quirky (but cute) waiter/bartender, and decent food. I had a ham melt (with Swiss cheese) on a whole wheat ciabatta bun with fries. Pretty good. Slow service, but the atmosphere definitely made up for it. I really liked the old feel of the place. I like the old feel of New Hampshire in general. I have so much exploring to do.

Next stop: Downtown Dover and the Seacoast beaches.

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Speak Coffee said...

So exciting! I got way behind on reading blogs this past week (I've been running errands for my own move) and so I just left you a couple comments on older stuff. Glad to hear things are going well and that you like the family you're renting from.

It's also great that you've got some time to adjust and explore. My count down is at 17 days. Sadly, orientation for new TAs/instructors starts two days after I get access to my apartment. That's not much exploration time! But maybe I'll meet people quicker that way.

Oh, and your weather is better than ours. We broke into the mid 90s today and it's probably the hottest (and humidest) it's been all year.


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