Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Once Again I am Happy with Technology

Oh... I'm glad I'm a fast thinker and familiar with computers. After about 15 minutes of irate venting to my sister and my blog, I decided to try to be a bit more proactive about my missing 16 page file. So I Googled "recover files" and found DiskInternals a company that sells file recovery software. They let you download a trial period, so I did, hoping that it would pull up my missing file. AND IT DID!!! It and about 10,000 other temporary files on my jump drive. I found my Chapter Three and went to open it, which -- of course -- is when the trial software prompts you to purchase the full version to have access to your files. Now, I could, for $39.99 restore my chapter instantly to the drive, but I don't feel like paying that. Especially when the trial version shows a preview of the entire document. So at this point I am re-typing what I lost to a new file.

My fingers (not pictured) are very happy.


angie said...

I am glad you are a fast "thinger"... ha ha. Happy Happy Joy Joy for you!

Tanya said...

Ooops! Haha... my fingers must have been flying fast during my happy happy joy joy time! :)


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