Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Day at Work

Don't worry, I don't plan to fill this blog with updates on my new job. School starts in nine days, so I'm sure that I'll post random things about that and will focus more on writing too.

Anyway, my second day at B&N went well. I sorta like working from 7am to 2:30pm and then having the rest of the afternoon to sit around and do nothing. There weren't too many exciting things that happened yesterday. I'm catching on really quick and I think people can see that. One of the head cashiers (maybe, I'm not sure), a guy who I didn't work with on Friday, said he was surprised that they put me up front to work with only one day of training. "That's not usual," he said. I didn't really know what to say to that, so I mentioned that maybe it was because I sold three memberships, which I guess is a pretty amazing thing too? I don't know, he and another head cashier said that they don't see that kind of turn around often. It's usually one card an hour (or per 20 people); I sold three card in only 19 transactions. I renewed a few cards yesterday, but I don't know if that counts as "selling" a card. Probably not.

Other tidbits from yesterday:
  • I shelved books in the morning, which isn't much different from my shelving experience at the Evans Library. Still not a highly interesting job, but it's easy and I get to check out books while I'm at it.
  • I also worked customer service toward the end of my shift and managed to successfully help a few people (in front of the manager too, so score two points for me). I think I've shown that I'm a fast learner. I just need to learn the layout of the store a little better.
  • Most of the co-workers I've met are nice and friendly. There are a few that I'm uncertain about. They walk around all day with frowns glued onto their faces and are expected to interact with customers? One guy sorta warmed up after a minute or so of talking to him, but another woman, a cashier, was either having a really bad day or was just irritated that I--the super seller that I am--was poaching her territory at register (especially since I'm new). It's not like we sell these cards on commission, we don't, so I don't know what her deal was. Whatever... I'm not guaranteed to get along with the whole world, but it would be nice. I am a keeper of peace--unless you F with one of my siblings.
  • Question: Trying to help people while you're in training is a good thing right? Shows me being proactive and all that jazz? I hope so. I don't want to step on toes or seem over confident.

Oh... heard my second reference to "Dirty Dover" at work yesterday. So, I guess it does have a bit of a reputation with locals. The guy told me which street he was referring to, but I can't remember, and said that I was in a good part of town. I am almost positive that he wanted to call the bad part of town the ghetto, but stopped. Maybe he was just trying to be P.C., which is perfectly fine. Anyway, I still like my job and sorta wish I had more hours there. Not that I could live off of it comfortably or anything. It's fun though. I'm meeting a lot of new and interesting people, which is the point of this cross-country venture of mine. That and learnin' to do what I do better than I currently do it.

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Amy K. said...

I am so glad you are kickin' it in the new job. I knew you would. And, seriously, is DNA really about a flesh-eating creature show? That sounds awesome.


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