Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Bits

So, I haven't blogged in a while and thought I'd share some random things with you--just to keep this blog habitually updated:
  1. Car was towed from campus last night -- cost me $120 to get it back. I hope to be reimbursed because technically it wasn't my fault. We'll see.

  2. Have new glasses -- pimpin' some JLo frames from Wally World.

  3. Still haven't written anything. It's been over a month. Not writing makes me somewhat sad and incomplete feeling. I blame the feeling of being overwhelmed with my move.

  4. I no longer have furniture in my apartment. I've been sleeping on a foam mattress in the living room. I sort of like it.

  5. I took my car to the shop to get that rust chip fixed. Found a place that will do it for $275. Hopefully it won't be returned to me without a patch-work quilt look. I have to get rides from people for a couple days. This is weird for me because I don't like to be inconvenient to people. I like to be independent.

  6. I found out that I will be receiving a FULL paycheck on Aug 1. YAY! I wasn't expecting this, but of course it makes sense that I wouldn't be paid for a job before actually doing it. So, excellent news there. Even better, I'll get a second check to pay me for my unused vacation days.

  7. I will be going to D.C. in August. First time. I'm very excited to see where my sister now lives. She'll give me a tour of the White House (a nice perk of her kick-ass job). She says the people there talk down to her and my Bro-in-law. I am interested to see if this is true and how I will respond to said patronizers.

  8. Fifteen days remain in Texas.

  9. There was a second sewage leak in my office building. The leak spread as far as my office this time. They sucked up the pee water but didn't shampoo my carpets. It's very likely that I am now surrounded by fumes of hepatitis (possible? probably not). I'm disgusted at the thought and the smell. Will escape to shred papers soon.

Image: A picture that I found after googling "random".

1 comment:

Esther said...

I don't like being dependent on people either, but really, it doesn't inconvenience me to give you rides. I am a happy hauler :)


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