Friday, July 25, 2008

Dwindling Time

Wow... I have six days left!

I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. This past week and next have been continuously busy, which can be overwhelming at times. I'm very grateful for friends willing to help me take trash to the dumpster. Big shout out to my friend A! You rock my socks, little Hare. :)

Random Bits:
  • Getting my hair done tonight. Hopefully it won't cost me an arm and a leg. Sometimes I just want to shave myself bald and wear wigs.

  • Saturday evening I'm going to a dumpling party. The benefit of having a diverse graduate program way back when: Friends who can make authentic Chinese dumplings.

  • I'm still a little worried that all of my belongings won't fit into my car. This weekend will be about downsizing yet again. I hope someone buys my TV.

  • I just applied for another job at UNH. So far no one is interested in me. I'm "no longer under consideration" for several positions that I applied for. Scary. Oh well, I'll find something.

  • CNN's Black in America last night was pretty interesting. I only watched the first hour before falling asleep (not from boredom, it was midnight) and taped the rest. Everyone, no matter their race, should probably watch it. Learn something about someone different from you -- that is my challenge for today. Here's an interesting article: Is Marriage Really for White People? I've been single for a while. I will not be single forever. Nor will I settle. So maybe I will be single forever. Hmm. Here's another interesting article that I feel a little closer to as I am biracial (second blog article). It's not so much an issue though, but my sister and I talk about it all the time. Anyway -- it's an interesting special. I sometimes can't believe that there are prejudices and stereotypes still working in our society. This saddens me to no end. You'd think after nearly 50 years (since the civil rights movement) people would get their heads on right, but they haven't. I would consider gay rights as the newest fight in our society. Why should anyone dictate who can have rights and who can't? We are all human first. Why does our race or orientation come first in some people's eyes. We may never live in complete harmony with one another, not in my lifetime. I lament this. I do love CNN. Great reporting across the board. Don't watch FOX news. It's a joke people. CNN is replaying Black in America all weekend, so look for airings in your local listings and watch. Let's communicate!

  • I actually feel important in my job this week. Possibly because I'm doing my job? HAHA.

  • I'm very excited to see the new X-Files movie. X-files was my first favorite television series, after that it was West Wing. I don't have one now. I have lots of little things that I watch, but nothing compares to these two programs yet. Heroes is close, but not there yet considering I didn't watch all of last season.

  • Had another great story idea (not related to my own personal life). I hope that I can start writing it soon. Very soon.

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Speak Coffee said...

it's often amusing for me to see people (white males) running around saying that equality is everywhere. Well, compared to 50 years ago, sure. But in the day to day? The person to person treatment just isn't there. And don't forget gender equality. The salaried working woman makes 77 cent to every dollar a man makes in comparable positions.

We've still got a long way to go.


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