Monday, July 21, 2008

Nature vs. Man

So, I spent the weekend in Houston with my college friends. It was our first "official" reunion. We've decided to get together once a year. Eventually we'll plan these vacations with our families, but right now we're just a bunch of singles. And, unless something drastic happens, we'll have a lot of fun July 1-5, 2009, when we hit up NYC. Perhaps we won't be single in a year's time. I'm guessing that I will be though.

Anyway... we did a lot this weekend. Saw an Astros vs. Cubs game at Minute Maid Park downtown. Astros won. Boo. I was going for the Cubs in honor of my oldest brother--I got funny looks for cheering for them. Oh well. I can't always conform to others now can I? The game was fun. We sat behind some well-to-do Texas debutantes. These women had big Texas hair, rich husbands, and held many discussions about boob jobs and tummy tucks. It was like the Housewives of Houston Texas. (That show will happen, I promise. Just give Bravo time.) Anyway, it was quite amusing sitting behind them eavesdropping on their conversation. I know all about Becky Lou's combination breast lift and tummy tuck. It's sad, but they're presence around me (including the big, loud, drunk guy in a Hawaiian-like shirt) made me want to speed up my exit from the South. Overall the game was pleasant. I spilled mustard on myself. That wasn't pleasant. But... good company in regard to my friends -- lots of laughter and mocking.

Anyway, the purpose of my post was simply to put up a few pictures from my trip. Pictures that I believe highlight the amazing ability of nature to create beauty when left alone and man's incredible building talent. Sometimes humans amaze me. How we operate, how we communicate, and how we build monstrous things that can be amazingly beautiful or violently destructive. I chose to display a beautiful and massive skyscraper in downtown Houston. Sometimes it amazes me that humans (possible derivatives of monkeys, depending on what you believe) can create such enormous structures when we're as tiny as ants in comparison.

Pictures: (Top): We visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science and saw a special exhibit called Geopalooza. It was full of beautiful amethyst crystal formations, meteorites, and fossils. These amethyst geodes were HUGE people, about the size of a person. This is only a section of one. It was probably about 4.5 feet tall. (Middle): Building downtown. My friend J works here. He makes a lot of money. I am slightly jealous. :)
(Bottom): A cross section of a sequoia tree (it's petrified and looks like a crystal). This was taller than me -- about six feet in diameter, maybe more. It was so amazing.


Speak Coffee said...

That's great! My college friends and I are trying to get together every Memorial Day weekend. So far both trips have been to Fort Worth but I'm thinking maybe we should try for somehwere else in 2009. So far we're just going to cities where one of us lives to cut down on cost. Although a new trend seems to be palnning birthday trips. And (possibly because of the cramped quarters) none of the married friends go on these trips. I think it would be great to get the couples going too, but coming from a sorority I think we're trying to recapture that life style by leaving the guys at home lol. I guess we'll have to see how that goes - but it's great that you've found a way to keep up with your friends (at least they're not the ones talking nonstop about their combo lift-tucks!)

Margosita said...

That sounds like a really fun trip! The photos are great, too, especially the last one.


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