Thursday, July 10, 2008


Wow, so on a whim I decided to look up my first -- and best -- elementary school. Montclair Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. I looked it up to see if I could find my first and favorite teacher's name. I don't think she's there anymore, but it was worth a shot.

Guess what? As a tiny Montessori kid, I was a Wildcat, and now, as I venture off to UNH, I will become a Wildcat again!

Destiny? Fate? Odd coincidence? Totally awesome!

I was on a team that won a contest to create lyrics for the school song, based off of the melody of "It's a small world". I wonder if they still use it. I still remember some of the words:

It's a cool school where recess is fun
and the sun will smile on everyone
there's so much that we do
that it's time that you knew
it's a cool school after all!

It's a cool school after all
It's a cool school after all
It's a cool school after all

It's a cool, cool school!

Oh wow! Cute little Tanya (another nostalgic moment). I think I came up with most of it. I will take credit until someone corrects me otherwise.

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angie said...

I love the song... that is great. Tripping down memory lane can be fun. Thanks for sharing that.

Destiny? After the turn of events with our Chinese horoscopes, I am beginning to believe there may be something to this destiny business.

PS You are too cool for school.


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