Thursday, July 3, 2008


I'm seriously wondering if I'm depressed or something. I have a new idea, but no motivation to start working on that new idea. No motivation to work on old ideas. No motivation to sit and think of new ideas. No motivation at all.

I have turned to Chick-fil-A mints for comfort. I only brought two (of the two dozen I stole last night) with me to work. I just realized that there are little quotes on the back of the wrappers. I suppose I've been gobbling them down too fast to see the fine details.

First mint quote: "No goal is too high if you climb with care and confidence." (S. Truett Cathy)

Second mint quote: "Courtesy is cheap to provide, and it pays great dividends." (S. Truett Cathy)

Two quotes by this Cathy fellow. I suppose I should have realized that the guy founded the restaurant, but I had to Google him learn that.


Margosita said...

It could be plenty of other things besides depression. Summer laziness, maybe. Or the anticipation of moving and starting a new thing in a new play with new people. A lot of your energy is going other places. Don't worry. Soon you won't have a CHOICE and you'll write whether you feel motivated or not. ;)

angie said...

Ha ha.... I knew you were a klepto. Mints and ketchup!! What else do you help yourself to?

I don't know much about writing and what all goes into that, but I do know that you just got done writing a fantastic book a few weeks ago. Cut yourself some slack. It will come. I think you need a girls day to pull you out of all of this.

Signed: Fellow Slacker

Tanya said...

Thanks ladies!

I think I've come to the conclusion that I just need a little bit of a break and that IS okay. :) Maybe now I can get some more reading done, who knows.


Speak Coffee said...

Wow. That kind of makes me want to open a restaurant just so I can quote myself on all of the free mints I give out.

Speak Coffee said...

oh and the past 72 hours have sucked for up-beat story-writing-ness here as well.

The weather is gorgeous but it's not like I'm hankering to leave my keyboard and kayak or something. Then again, I write really well in crappy weather so maybe that does have something to do with it.


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