Friday, May 2, 2008


For those who know me well--mostly my sister, Jen, as I've mentioned this quite a few times to her--I have this strange fascination with my brain. I'm sometimes so perplexed at the depth of that big or sometimes small (see Homer below), powerful organ!

The following is a bit of randomness from another blog of mine--written sometime last year:

Who knows were this mind goes... (April 27, 2006)

My "Stagnant poem" seems a little moody and deep... yet I am fine. The word "stagnant" popped into my head for some a reason, which to this day is locked in the depth of my subconscious, and unleashed the power of my fingers.

The brain. Ever noticed how amazingly awesome it is?

Have you really thought about it? About the brain's vast resources of knowledge, memories and feelings.... The way it loses and retrieves information. The way it can either harm you, benefit you, or fail you. The way an image will pop into your head out of no where--reminding you where you last put something you set down months ago (I have faith in my brain that I will find my camera tonight). Song lyrics from back in the day get stored away in a place that you'll never see or understand. And it only takes the first few bars of a song to jar your memory and bring you back to a place of peace and happiness. A place where you once sat comfortably--long before your thoughts turned negative and your mind nontrusting. Well, for me anyway.

Don't you get scared when you have a headache or a migraine? I do. I fear that this is it--it's the end. I fear that this little ache will turn into a bigger one that will lead to my sudden and ultimate death from a brain aneurysm. (Yes, I'm a smidgen hypochondriac.) Every time I have a headache, I pop Tylonal like they're red Skittles and pray that I won't slump over never to wake again. I pray that the ache will ebb and my brain will sit happily in is hard candy shell and subconsciously twitch and move and breathe for me. I pray that my mind will continue to be overactive and dance with random images and daydreams of Latin Lovers and Geek Squad boys. I pray that I will never stop daydreaming wild love stories and unique characters.

I love my brain.

I will never harm my brain with drugs meant to confuse and kill it. I will never understand drug use in any form. I'm not going to judge you--bad druggies!--fear not. :) But drugs kill your brain. It's like that line in The Matrix: "The body cannot live without the mind." Or whatever it was.

Morpheus spoke truth.

Let this be my living will that states: Should I be completely vegetative with no hopes of recovery within the next year, and only if all statistical data shows the odds are not in my favor, yank that damn plug out and let my daydream in Heaven.

-End Post-

Honestly... I'm completely flabbergasted over the ability of my mind. Especially when it comes to writing. I'll never understand how I do it--it's just innate. It's just me.

I am braintastic!

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