Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Contest...

Thanks to Speak Coffee To Me's excellent blog, I heard about another little contest! Tonight I entered Nathan Bransford's The Preposterously Magnificent Dialogue Contest. The deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 21, at 5pm (pacific time).

Good luck!

Visit Nathan's blog here.

Update: Wasn't a finalist. It's cool. I didn't really have much dialogue in what I sent anyway. It's the process of trying and submitting that matters most. Until the next one.


Speak Coffee said...

good luck with this and the WD contest!

Looks like he'll have 600 entries at least!

Margosita said...

Too bad you weren't a finalist. But I think you're right. The process of submitting and developing the habit of just going for it is more important than winning.

Speak Coffee said...

so sad that neither of us placed!

But I did like your snippet. Let me say that of the snippets I skimmed (and I don't think I skimmed any of his finalists) yours was among the better group. There was such a range of ability among the 600 that it made me wonder what a day in the life of a literay agent reading/scanning/etc must be like.


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