Monday, April 14, 2008

Shot down... oh well...

So... I received a quick turn around on that query letter! And it's a no go... here's the response email:

Dear Writer:

Thank you for the opportunity to consider your work. Unfortunately, your story idea is not right for us at this time. We apologize for the form letter, but with the number of submissions we receive, it's not possible to give a personal response in every case.

But thank you again for your interest in Avon Books; we wish you success in finding a home for your work.

The Editors

It's like getting a rejection letter from an MFA program. I didn't really expect too much, but there was always those hopeful daydreams that it would be easier than it seems to be published. I'm welcoming myself back to reality as we speak. Oh well, this isn't the end of the world... my dad will be disappointed. I'll just try again! At least I tried this time, I guess that's a pretty big deal.

Okay... I am disappointed. Who wouldn't be? But nothing's handed to you right out--I've gotta work on it a little harder. It'll happen eventually.

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Speak Coffee said...

CONGRATS! I've yet to send off a query for a novel let alone receive a rejection for one! (Okay I may be a bit strange, but as I think of it every rejection means progress forward. At the very least it means you're writing.)


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