Thursday, April 3, 2008

Officially Going!

So... I guess it's official now. I've accepted my admission to UNH for fall 2008. This is Hamilton Smith--where I'll be spending the majority of the next three years. It's a nice building--old, with lots of history, I'm sure.
Going to UNH is going to be a huge gamble for me since I don't have funding, or a job yet, but there's a sense of thrill to that. A thrill and a huge fear considering that my expenses now are a bit astronomical. But... it'll all work out, I know it will. In the mean time, I think I need to get a part-time job here in Texas to save up for the move and for the expenses that I'm going to have the first few months of transition. So that will be my weekend plan. I'm thinking of looking at Barnes and Nobel--I'd probably enjoy working at a book store. It'll be ten steps better than that shelving gig I had at the library as a sophomore.
Anyway, one step at a time, I guess. I have about five months to really figure things out--less if I get the job I applied for. That's enough time to make a lot of things happen. I'm excited.

** Work doesn't know yet... I'd like to keep it on the DL until closer to the time I need to leave. So if you work with me and you're reading this--please keep the news to yourself. Thanks so much! **

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