Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I heart CNN... but...

. . . this is a bit much:

CNN is selling t-shirts based off the headlines of the day. As far as I can tell, this began on Earth Day--yesterday. I can fully understand the need to make money, especially when I'm struggling like I am to save few bucks, which is hard in a world of great books and movies, but this is ridiculous! Check it out for yourself--visit and look at the latest news headlines. By a few you'll see a tiny t-shirt icon. Click it and you can buy the headline on a t-shirt. I personally like "6-Legged Kitty Named Hex Needs Surgery" let me put that on a shirt and pay $15 (plus shipping).

It's not just me thinking that this is a stupid idea, right? Have you bought your CNN t-shirt today? The only t-shirt I would buy would have the following headline: "Debut novelist sells first novel for $1.5 million."

Yes, that is a headline I would buy.

In more interesting news: I walked to work today--two miles. For some of you that may not mean much at all and you could care less. Well, poo on you! It's a big deal for me because I had to get myself out of bed an hour early to do it. Not snoozing for 40 minutes was harder than the walk, let me assure you. Anyway, I'm pleased with myself. Pat on back. Pat on back. Pat on back. Now I just have to walk home in the 90-degree Texas heat! What joy is mine.

Hooray for accomplishments, no matter how small. (A lesson I learned from Horton.)

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