Thursday, July 25, 2013

C25K: Week 7 (take 2)

As I mentioned before, I did decide to re-do Week 7 for this couch to 5K program. Yesterday was my last 25 minute run. Did they get easier? Ummm... yessss? The first was smooth sailing (nothing hurt, I wasn't overly hot, etc.), the second was very difficult (shoulder pain came back and I was too hot), and the third was "meh." But the average feeling for this repeated week was "all right, this is fine." So, tomorrow I will start Week 8, which is three 28 minute runs. I haven't decided if I'll listen to Laura or not--it couldn't hurt, but the music is just not that great.

Anyway... that's where I'm at with the C25K. I don't think I've really lost weight in the last eight weeks--I'm too hungry all the time. I was kinda hoping that would go away after a few weeks, but it's sort of sticking around along with the weird shoulder pain. I gotta research that again.


B :) said...

Are you eating less? Or about the same? You may be burning a lot more calories than you're intaking. Which, is good for weight loss but is most likely why you are so hungry. Snacking on fruits, or something may not be a bad idea for those moments. Or just doing the six small meals a day versus three bigger ones?

Anyway... random question: are you choosing to not weigh yourself during this time? (Just curious sicne you said you're not sure if you've lost weight.) I'm sure when all is said and done and you're able to run that 5K, you would have lost weight. All my friends who slim up quite a bit when they are actively training.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I begin my training this week!

Tanya said...

I'm probably eating the same, possibly more. I do think I'm burning more calories, which makes me feel hungry. It's been a little better this last week, but that's probably because my diet/exercise is all thrown off at the moment (getting back on track tomorrow). I normally eat three meals with 1-2 snacks in between, so I might actually need to break up my meals a little more.

I am weighing myself. I said I wasn't sure about any actual weight loss (meaning fat) because the scale fluctuates up and down 1-2 pounds all week long. I need to actually take some measurements to really determine if I'm losing.

Good luck with your training! You should blog about it :)


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