Wednesday, July 10, 2013

C25K: Week 6 (run 2)

So, today was another 20 minute run, although it was broken up into two ten minute sessions (with a three minute walk in between).

I decided to try a pre-warm up on the elliptical (because I thought the 5 minute walk from the program wasn't warming me up enough). That was probably a good choice because my muscles didn't feel as tight as they normally do in the first 10 minutes. Today I went at the "faster" speed for the first 10 minutes, and kept it up for the first 6-7 minutes of the second set and then went down a couple notches. This week's runs really have been a little more difficult and I think the culprit is the temperature in the gym. It's been so hot and humid in my area lately and the gym just isn't cooling down (I checked the thermostat yesterday--it was set at 65 degrees, but the temperature in the building was 78). Seventy-eight degrees is a little high in a gym packed with hot people (and I'm not talking oooo la la sexy). I feel like I'm running in a rain forest.

Running pencil = awesome.
I have a problem being in high heats. If I get too hot, I tend to pass out. I can't be in a hot tub for more than ten minutes before my heart starts racing. I'm not sure if I should be concerned about this or if it's just my body's natural response to heat? Probably something I should look into.

Anyway, run 3 is on Friday and it'll be another long one. I feel semi nervous about it (because of the heat). I'm dreading it, only because running still isn't fun... I tend to watch the clock on the wall. I'll admit, I like watching the five minute intervals tick by, especially when I hit the last five minutes.

The best part about running is stopping.


B :) said...

You're inspiring me as I read these post. I need to get my little butt up and run, run, run!

And the heart thing isn't just you (from your old post). When I run, I always feel like I'm going to die within 10 seconds...

Tanya said...

Ha! Well, I'm glad the heart exploding paranoia is not just me. :)

People inspire me every day, I'm glad I can do the same for other people!


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