Wednesday, March 13, 2013

And laughter returns...

So, last night I was feeling a little out of sorts with the world. And then my sister and I made avatars of ourselves through a facebook app ( I never download apps on facebook and I don't have a fancy phone, so I don't do apps in general. I gotta say though--this one is amazing. Sister and I spent about 2 hours laughing hysterically at all the made up situations that we could put ourselves in. Such as:

I laughed so hard my throat hurt. I almost popped a vein or something. I haven't laughed liked that in a while, and it felt REALLY good. I gotta say, my mood was much better today. What's funny about these pictures is the moment of hesitation that I felt at the idea that I would appear in something so tight fitting in such a public place! Literally, my thought was "Oh my god, people are going to see me practically naked! I can't post that!" Obviously, that is not really me--but it is a representation of sorts. Even in cartoons I'm a tad bit self cautious. The only comfort I feel is that Sister didn't want to appear in her cartoon underwear either. :)

Just thinking about these today made me smile. They also made my mom laugh... and that makes me smile too.

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