Tuesday, September 2, 2008

In the Classroom Again

So... I had my first class tonight, English Grammar, which is basically going to prepare me for teaching grammar and becoming a master at it, I'm sure. There are about 30 people in the class, which is a good amount I suppose. I got there a minute or so late (he was going through the class roster, maybe he jumped the gun). I had to walk about six blocks (maybe more) to get there and what greeted me as I walked through the classroom door? A wave of 80-degree, stifling heat. A note to all New Hampshire people: A/C (or fans) are required in the summer! I'm making it a point to sit near open windows. This place is gonna kill me until I get used to the weather.

Anyway, back to grammar... I wasn't really sure how I was going to like the professor. I couldn't understand the first 15 minutes of his lecture because of outside and neighboring noises and the fact that he sorta droned on and on in a monotone voice. Things picked up as we did more class-participation exercises, but still, I wasn't sure. He seems to be fun, as long as he doesn't pick on me. At this point my grammar abilities are remedial (ie: functional) at best. I know what's right (most of the time) but now why it's right.

Random thoughts from the first day of class:
  • Parking isn't that bad... as long as I can bypass downtown traffic and leave work/home about 30 minutes before class. We'll see how the weather changes things.

  • The classroom was too hot. (Repetitive, I know.)

  • Four college text books = $120.

  • I hate not being able to pick out my own textbooks. I went downtown to pick them up after class, and the guy behind the counter just handed me a stack of books. Two of my used copies were "heavily" used with writing and highlighting all over them. Other peoples' notes and doodles completely distract me. I like pristine book pages. I don't want to be influenced by others. Highly annoyed, but will manage.

  • All college campuses (read: undergrads) look the same no matter where you are in the country. I swear I thought I was in Texas for the amount of tanned, bleach blond girls I saw running around (yes actually running).

  • I decided to read grammar over watching Greek on ABC family--I deserve MAJOR kudos people. That show is too cute and I really want to watch it.

That's about all for now. Will post about my D.C. trip tomorrow probably.


angie said...

Yeah!! First day of class! I am excited for you! And to skip good TV for grammar reading, you are a super star today. Major MAJOR kudos to you! I am glad you are back, Tanya! Cannot wait to hear about your trip.

Amy K. said...

First day of school is the best day ever. And, I can not wait to hear about the trip to DC. Muppets. Yay.

Eileen Wiedbrauk / Speak Coffee said...

OMD! The overly tanned overly bleached blond girls with big sunglasses! They are ubiquitous! (needless to say I'm finding the same thing here)

And the exciting part of text books for me is that I've been given free copies of the books I need to teach the class (over $100) and that right now the only book I have to buy for the two other classes is $14.

Esther said...

Grammar over tv? Whoa. You're my hero. I would have a major problem with not being able to pick out my textbooks too. It would take me a while to get over that.


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