Monday, September 22, 2008

First Workshop

Had my first story workshopped today--I'm still processing how it went overall.

Currently, I feel embarrassed, actually. Like I made elementary mistakes ALL OVER the place. Definitely room for improvement, for sure, but it's still embarrassing. Blah. Will probably post more when the emotion wears off and my rational brain can speak.

I still don't like John Gardner, see previous post.


Margosita said...

You survived!

It may seem like you made a lot of elementary mistakes, but I think as you process things you will realize that having people point out those mistakes is ultimately more important than anything else. I think the "common" mistakes are the ones we are least likely to see, sometimes.

Have a treat! A beer or ice cream or an hour of trashy TV. I think you'll feel better. :)

Eileen Wiedbrauk / Speak Coffee said...

We did our first night of workshopping last night, and we were fairly nice to the two guys who went up. However the second story confused the shit out of us and we let him know it. I almost felt bad for him even though he had certain students "in his corner." Then another girl told me that we were dissapointingly nice. She was hoping for blood and brutality because that's how she thinks she gets better.

The bad news is that in a grad level workshop you have to treat the piece as if it's finished and that everything you read is how the author intended it ... but the good news is that we all know that this is only a draft for you, and while we may "talk down" to the story in workshop, we know that the writer is just a person trying things out just like ourselves.

hey, I'm curious as to what the story was that you workshoped -- is it online at all? Would you consider putting it up someplace and just sending a couple of us the link who are UBER curious and nosy like myself? I think you have my email somewhere

what about the attituded at UNH? What am I missing out on by choosing WMU? Do tell!

Margosita said...

I think Eileen makes a good point, about having to treat every story as if it were finished.

I'd love to hear more of your impressions about workshop. So interesting!

(P.S. I'm going to read your story, soon! I keep meaning to but have been distracted. I think you're brave for putting it up, I want you to know.)


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