Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tales from the Book Aisles ... and ... my biggest problem: Avoidance

So... work is great. I really enjoy working at Barnes and Noble, so it is likely that I'll stick with this job for a while. Today was fast paced, which is a huge change from the past few days. Tropical Storm Hanna is blowing our way, so that means rain, which drives people to shop here I suppose. It was busy.

I had a customer who was irate because I couldn't find his magazine in the computer system. He demanded to see a manager. He says in a grumpy and irritated voice: "Seems stupid to me that you have the magazine in your store but it's not in the computer. Get a manager. Find out what's wrong." Ummm... for real? I wanted to tell him to chill out, but I just called the manager as he asked. Then I figured out the computer system and managed to ring up his purchase. I told the guy to have a nice day. He just grunted. Then later, when things were hectic and people needed help left and right, this woman asked me to help her find a book about psychic attacks and how to protect yourself against them. She was a new medium and said that "psychic forces are constantly trying to attack new mediums." We had nothing in the store relating to this, but I did thumb through A Complete Idiot's Guide to Psychic Awareness for her. She was desperate for something about protection and seemed put out that we didn't have anything. Honestly though... isn't that something you buy online anyway? She was kind enough to point out that I was holding a book on meditation and not mediation (you know, communicating with the spirit world and all that jazz) at one point. I'll never judge a person because of what they read, but that was definitely an interesting one. Part of me wonders what the cashier next to me thought when a mature gentleman plopped down a copy of Playboy at her register. Kinky.

Changing topics... I have a problem.

I've been avoiding.

I wonder if there's an AA meeting for avoiders of life, of writing, of issues. Blah. I haven't written anything creatively in about two weeks. Why is it that when I feel overwhelmed with something, the first thing to suffer is the one thing I love the most. I'm avoiding writing this story that's been swimming around in my head. Why? I don't know. Fear has a lot to do with it.

I need a good kick in the ass.

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