Saturday, June 15, 2013

C25K: Week Two

Week two is now complete!

This is the first week that I actually listened to the podcast while jogging ("running" might not be an accurate verb at this point). I didn't listen to the podcast on week one because it's a headache to download music to iTunes and then to my iPod. Everything is set up on my old, slow computer, so I wanted to try it on my own first and then download all the podcasts at once. Now I don't have to time myself, which is nice. It would be nicer if I actually jogged outside rather than inside, but I'm not quite ready to tackle hills.

The first run on Monday was a little difficult, but only because I didn't put enough time on the treadmill, so I had to keep adding minutes, which made it feel endless. Runs two and three went faster and were a little easier. I still feel optimistic about the next seven weeks (nine weeks total). My sister is also doing the program, but she's one week ahead of me. I was asking her what to expect, but when she mentioned running for three minutes, I kinda freaked out. I know it's all in my head, but running for just three minutes seems impossible. So, I told her I didn't want to know the breakdown of week three. I don't want to get psyched out.

As of week two, I'm clocking 2 miles in 33 minutes. I like watching the mileage tick by.

So, on to week three.

Now... if I could just get a handle on some of my food choices, the scale might start moving down again. But come on! Sometimes you just have to have a turkey burger and fries from Bobby's Burger Palace (followed by delicious frozen yogurt). :) It could be worse, I guess.

In other news: I had about 60% of my hair chopped off today. It's very short, but that's mostly due to the salon styling. When I do it myself it'll be shorter (and bigger). I felt like I was in a rut and needed something different. This is definitely different. Hopefully I won't hate it when I have to do it on my own.


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