Sunday, June 30, 2013

C25K: Week Four

This week, the longest run was five minutes (there were two of them). With the first run of the week, it was a struggle. I made it through, but it was difficult. By the end of the week I felt pretty accomplished, which I think is the point of the program. Week 5 is going to be a challenge. I feel like I say this at the end of every week. However, I know this is definitely true because one of the three runs (they're all different instead of repeating the same run three times) is 20 consecutive minutes. I think it's the third run of the week--so my hope is that this week will build up to that run. I guess things are ramping up because this coming week I'm basically halfway through the 9 weeks--so that just means that  the rest of the program is going to be pretty difficult. My sister says it's all a mind game. I'm hoping that is the case. I'm still a little worried.


CJ said...

I just finished Week Four this morning. Twenty minutes?? Seriously?? I may be repeating Week Five!

Tanya said...

I'm trying hard not to look ahead to psyche myself out, but week five might be a repeater for me as well! Good luck to ya!


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