Saturday, June 22, 2013

C25K: Week Three

Another week done!

So, lets talk about running for three minutes straight. It wasn't "hard" per say, it wasn't easy either. My biggest thoughts all week were: "Wait, why am I doing this?", "Seriously... why am I doing this?", and "Is it over yet."

There were only two three minute runs this week.

At this point, three weeks in, running isn't necessarily fun. It's not like playing tennis, which I enjoy very much. Running feels a little like a chore. I'm hoping this is because I'm still in the beginning stages (and because I'm doing it on a treadmill instead of outside). I'm determined to complete all nine weeks though, so maybe in the end it will be fun. Or at least I won't feel bored by it. I'm hoping that it gets easier as well.

I'm trying to build my stamina. My legs don't hurt, but I do tire quickly. So, hopefully that improves in the coming weeks.

This week I clocked 1.5 miles in 27 minutes.

I have no idea what week 4 brings as far as the cycle of walking/running, but my sister tells me that I'll be running more than walking. I'm nervous about this, but I've made it so far!


B :) said...

Keep it up! I'm hoping I will show just as much grit when I start running because... I decided to run a half-marathon in October. It's for a special cause ( and since I was planning to "run" a 5K that day anyway (The Color Run which is so much fun! I mostly walk the two times I have done it and was hoping to run all of it this third time), I figured I might as well do it for this cause instead. Not sure when I'll start training since I leave the country next week, but maybe I'll start running then and be able to pick up when I return in August. I feel crazy... but I'm excited. Running has always been a chore (unlike tennis or biking), so I wish you luck and wish me luck, too!

Tanya said...

I just finished the first run for week 4 (which has two 5 minute runs) and it was hard but I did it! Maybe you can find a half-marathon training program and start it when you get back? Where are you going this time?


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