Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Summer Plans... hopefully.

So this summer I hope to be studying abroad in England. I'd take two courses, one in novels and one in travel writing (which I hear is pretty terrible, but with my journalism background, perhaps it'll be easy). The only way I can do this is if some money (about $10K) comes through--keep your fingers crossed! I really want to spend the summer away. I never did that as an undergrad and I sorta regret not having the experience. And it's England!! I have this odd feeling that I was from there in a previous life. Or maybe Jane Austen has just seeped herself right into my blood.

Who wouldn't want to study in a place like this: (Cambridge University)

Think good summer-in-England thoughts for me--I should know more by this weekend if this is going to be a possibility at all. It is very likely that if I go--I may never want to come back again (to visit of course, but to live....). Fair advanced warning, I'd say. Cheers!


Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

ooo, how nice would that be! And I think I can see Mr. Darcy in the bottom picture ;)

Demi said...

Maybe we could swap - you could take my place in cold, rainy England and I could live in America!! :) haha

Which Uni would you be attending in the summer if you do come here?

Btw, totally gutted you're taking your stories down :( does that mean you won't continue The Jade Bracelet??

Tanya said...

Demi... it would be Cambridge University (not really sure where that's located). Tell me, does it get insanely hot there in the summer? I'd take cold and rainy any day actually... as long as I'm not hot!

I'm going to continue with the Jade Bracelet, but it's likely that it'll be shorter than I planned to start.

Demi said...

Wow, you'd actually be at Cambridge?? That's really good. It's the best Uni in the country. Actually, I think Oxford topped the charts for '08. But anyway. It's so crazy difficult to get in. Offers were sent out this week and a couple of my friends got in, everyone went crazy haha :) Also, it's located like an hour or so north of London.

Insanely hot? Are you kidding? It barely verges on 'warm'. Last summer we had torrential downpours for the entirety of August. Not. Good.

And oh good! I'm looking forward to seeing where you'll take Penny :)

Tanya said...

It's a summer program, so I do have to apply for it here. Keep your fingers crossed! :) I posted my new site (see FP profile).

And I'd say that's just the weather for me (as long as it doesn't rain ALL the time). I've lived in 103-degree (F) summers and it's hell on freakin earth!


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