Friday, March 21, 2008

Out at CSU...

I received my rejection letter from Colorado State University today and I'm oddly relieved about it. I think I'd prefer to live out east so I'm glad to not have to make that decision. Getting the letter brings me up to 85% sure that I'm going to attend UNH in the fall.

My tally so far:



UMASS @ Boston

Still waiting:
Columbia (not holding my breath!)

I'm going to turn Pitt down. I know how this is going to sound--like I'm some sort of spoiled brat--but I'm going to say it anyway. Pitt didn't woo me! After receiving my letter in the mail, I got one email from the program directing funding questions to the program director, who quickly told me that I was shit out of luck, and then nothing else. With UNH I've talked to a current student (he contacted me through SpeakEasy) several times and my advisor has been very helpful. I suppose I could have made an effort with Pitt, but why should I? They're supposed to want me to come there, aren't they? They're not going to give me funding--I just feel like they could care less if I go there or not. So... screw 'em. Maybe I'm just jealous of all those people who received personalize "your in!" calls.

Anyway, the only school that could possible compete with UNH at this point is UMASS @ Boston, who sent me a very nice waitlist email. I will probably be contacting them before I make any final decisions about UNH in a couple weeks.

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