Monday, March 3, 2008

Accepted to Pitt... but still anxious

I thought I'd start a blog... I have a few others, but this will be strictly for MFA and other writing issues.

I was accepted to the University of Pittsburgh for an MFA in Creative Writing - Fiction. I'm so excited about this, but nervous too as my letter didn't mention any funding possibilities. This scares me. I'd have to pay out-of-state tuition for my MFA at Pitt, which means a possible $80K in loans after three years. I can't do that. I'm freaking out about the debt I owe now--I couldn't put myself in such a place. So... while I'm happy about the acceptance, I'm also scared out of my mind about it. Would I go with no funding? Probably not--but it would be REALLY hard to say no and pass up the opportunity to really profect my writing.

So... I wait nervously for more acceptances (with funding). I still haven't heard from Columbia, University of New Hampshire, University of Texas (Michener Center), University of Mass @ Boston, Colorado State, and Hollins University (which has sent out poetry and CNF notices). Waiting makes me grumpy and anxious.

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