Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Funding...

I didn't get funding for UNH.

This pretty much another rejection. You're good enough to get in, but sorry, no where near good enough for funding. So, I can accept that I'm not a "top" choice for these schools, but honestly... I can't get an MFA without some type of help. I wish I hadn't built up the idea of moving to New Hampshire in my head, because frankly I'm not moving there unless some serious miracle takes place.

So... I'm wondering if I should start looking for new jobs now or wait until I'm ready to move (my lease is up in July). The economy is SO bad... but if I stay in this shit hole job any longer I'm going to go insane. The only good thing about is it that I can write most days.

Gosh, I'm tired. This is starting to sound pretty pathetic too, so let me go boo hoo somewhere else.



Speak Coffee said...

Oh no! I'm sad to hear it. I wouldn't take it as not being a "top" choice though - with the whole extra TA application at least that part of their funding scheme appeared to be based on something more than just writing.

Maybe the economy will be better when you get out in 2-3 years?

Taggie7 said...

I don't know what to do... I could take out about $8-$12K in loans for the first year and hope that I get some kind of break in the other years... but... I don't know. Out-of-state tuition is a killer and without a tuition waiver or anything like that it will be very hard.

Who knows. Maybe TAships are based on something more than just writing, but it seems to me that to get the best students they'd offer them money of some sort. I could be wrong.


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