Sunday, September 8, 2013


I've been completely off my game the last couple weeks. I need to find my footing and find it fast before all of my hard work over the last few months comes to an end. First, I'm eating the moon and then some. Night time has not been my friend lately, so I need to figure out a way to nip it in the bud after dinner. Or just stop eating when I'm not hungry. Second, my knee has been wonky. I think I strained a tendon trying to incorporate squats into my life. I've been popping Advil, but the range of motion just isn't right. So, last week I skipped a couple work outs in hope that a little time off would heal me. But in the process of not working out, I gained weight. Third, I feel like I'm constantly on the brink of "what now?"

I don't like uncertainty.

So... yes, I'm spiraling. My question is: How do you stop a tailspin? What makes a tornado dissipate?

While I don't mind getting older (I am improving with age), I'm starting to worry about my prospects at life. I mean... if you're still doing something you've always done and you're borderline 32 doesn't that mean you'll continue to do it forever? It's very likely that I'm set in my ways and while parts of me are kinda awesome, other parts royally suck. So... yea.

I gotta figure things out, I guess. Sooner rather than later. Or else I'm gonna pack on the pounds before you can say Beetlejuice three times fast (guess what I'm watching for the second night in a row?).

Okay... second week of September. Bring me good things!


Jammi said...

Hmm, when it comes to squats and the like, if you haven't done them in a while I think this might be something you need to do a few drop in classes with a trainer (if you can) just to get the technique down or depending on your phone download a couple of videos from nike or something (they have a free training app if you sign up) so then you can learn the proper technique and reduce the chance of hurting yourself.

Even youtube should have videos with the proper positioning.

And I see where you're coming from with the whole change thing but I think the fact that you acknowledge that you have trouble bits means you can change.

I mean, you once thought you couldn't run and it made you cry, now you've beaten the couch to 5k thingle.

I'm not entirely sure how to beat a spiral since it's such a personal thing and I'm still stuck in one writing wise but I'm a big fan of lists.

Yeah, they don't always help but sometimes seeing the list of things you like about yourself and then maybe things you want to improve alongside steps to get there or what you have to research to get there might be the push you need.

But make sure you make the list of why you're awesome, cause when you're feeling in a slump, especially around your birthday month, only putting things to improve can just make it worse.

And also figure out a way to do something you've always wanted to do and do it without having to justify it or as a reward. Just do it cause you're awesome and you deserve it and that might help push you through it.

And on the eating front, maybe pick up some yogurt or grapes and cantaloupe. I don't know if you like them but I find they're fairly consistently sweet and I know they're something I can munch on late at night without feeling too bad later and I don't think they'll put on too much weight and then just try and wean yourself off.

Hopefully you can shake it off because it sucks being in a spiral during your favourite time of the year.

Tanya said...

I don't know if the squats is what did it, but my knee is definitely weird right now. The strange thing is that it doesn't hurt when I'm working out... it's if I'm sitting a particular way for long time. I've been taking Advil and that helps a little bit.

As far as spiraling, tend to get really overwhelmed by things and then freakout. So, I decided to focus on one thing and get it back on track. So, I've been watching what I eat this week and I feel a little better right now. I feel like my heads on a little straighter. I still have work to do for sure to feel 100%, but at least I'm not zooming downward!

Thanks for your words and suggestions. :)


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