Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Battling With My Omentum

So, on June 10th I will have finished my 6th month of working out (I started November 10, 2011). I have a lot of preconditioned expectations of weight loss, especially as a person who needs to lose a large amount. For example: "I should lose 1-2lbs a week doing XYZ" or "By the end of the year I'll be 90 lbs lighter." (I think this last one only works for people on The Biggest Loser, or are starving themselves, so basically Biggest Loser contestants.) Usually after 6 months if I haven't seen what I'd consider "results" I'd get frustrated and would stop. Now, in the last few months I have seen some results (about 15 lbs and a few inches lost)... but I'm still frustrated. I feel like I'm doing something wrong (losing 2 lbs a month seems so SLOW).

While doing bicep curls while facing the gym mirror, I realized that I now look like this:

Not sexy.
It's kinda frightful in a way having a little head and a big body. I hope my eyes aren't bugging out. The other day my lips looked bigger and they're already pretty big.

Back to me being frustrated: I'm losing inches everywhere but my stomach (I have monthly measurements that back this up). The one place I care the most about isn't going away. My Omentum is a fighter, people. I'm not really sure what's going on with me. Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Maybe I'm not eating enough or maybe too much? (I'm sure this Chick-fil'a I'm about to nosh on won't help matters, but a girl needs a little comfort food.) I'm not working out enough (maybe not hard enough), but I'm up to an hour of cardio (at least 5 days a week)... I just don't know.

My mantra of late has been "Just keep on keeping on," and if I do that I'll continue to lose 2lbs a month and will reach my goal in three years.

Whoever said that it was easier to lose weight if you're an apple (compared to pears) was lying to me.

Some days are better than others... today isn't really a great day. At least I went to the gym.


Jammi said...

Honestly, I saw that picture and was like 'okay' then I read *why* that picture was up and i honestly just couldn't stop laughing because of the comparison.

Have you considered focusing on your core for a few workouts to see if that would help? Or to try yoga/pilates/ boxing, something that has a focus on a strong core so that you'll still be working your other areas but you'll be doing something that might help you lose inches in your waist?

Tanya said...

My sister had the same reaction. We were sitting on the couch and she's suddenly starts laughing really hard and I was like what are you looking at and then she showed me my blog page and was like "you don't look like that!" HAHA. I'm glad you laughed, I'd meant for it to be funny (while slightly serious).

The core workouts would probably be very beneficial. Because honestly, I don't do anything with my core going with the excuse "sit ups are hard." But yeah, I need do that!


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