Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Over Now: Hello MFA

It's official... I've earned my MFA degree.

My thesis has been turned in and after an amazing week visiting friends in New Hampshire (and doing my first public reading, which went very well even if I didn't engage much with the audience while reading) I'm back at home in Maryland. Now the job search starts all over again and hopefully I'll be able to finish my novel and start edits on it. I still cringe at the amount of debt I went into for this program, but it is what it is. Too bad the loan people are already riding my back asking for money. [Photo credit]

Anyway, the entire graduation experience was amazing. It feels so weird that now I'm completely done. 100% done. It's a little scary in a way because I feel like I should know what's next. I don't think I'm going for a PhD, but who knows. Maybe I should just focus in publication. Oh well. When my diploma comes I'll snap a shot and post it. :)

I started this blog to jot down my thoughts about the MFA process, classes, projects, etc. So now it might take a new twist and turn and become something else? A blog about the battle of publishing perhaps? Or possibly just a bunch of random entries about my life. I guess we'll see about that too.


B :) said...

I think it'd be cool to hear updates on what you're writing, as well as the battle to get published. Maybe even post some weird/quirky rejection letters and eventually that first acceptance letter...

... can't wait to see where this new chapter in life leads you.

Yay from graduating!

Tanya said...

Thanks B! :) I actually just put together all my rejection letters (depressing!) and thought about snapping a picture to post. Maybe I will do that. I do think that I'll switch over to the road of publishing and hopefully it's a fast journey.


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