Thursday, December 16, 2010

Big Plans for 2011

Now that I'm done with my MFA I need to keep myself motivated in regard to writing, submitting to journals, and editing old things. I feel like I want to set some goals for this up coming year, but I worry that I'll be disappointed if I put too much expectation behind things. Regardless, I want to list out a few things to hopefully keep myself honest in the upcoming months.

1. Edit/Revise novel and send it out to 1-2 readers.
2. Send query letters to agents/publishers.
3. Work on short story manuscript.
4. Submit to at least two contests.
5. Submit short stories to journals.
6. Finish the first draft on a new project.
7. Start revision/rewrite of old novel series.

There, seven feels like a nice round number to start with. My goal for the last 2.5 weeks of 2010 is to finish the first draft of the teen novel I'm working on. I'm about five chapters from the end, so I do see this happening. I'm excited to go back and revise/edit. I should give myself a little distance from it before doing this, but I'm not going to. Distance will come between later drafts I'm sure.

In other news, the first real snow of my first Maryland winter is now falling. It's so peaceful. In the words of Annie: "I think I'm gonna like it here."

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