Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Semester

So, my last semester of classes starts tomorrow afternoon. The break was long (perhaps too long) and relaxing, and now I don't want to get back into the swing of things. I haven't written anything in months. The idea of writing a thesis freaks me out. I need a schedule... sleeping all day isn't that great for my psyche. :) I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow or Wednesday for that matter--it feels weird to be going back.

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things and continue the forward momentum from last semester (where supposedly my writing improved a great deal--guess I sucked it up first year, which isn't that surprising actually). I'm still undecided about this whole MFA thing. I'm too deep in to quit now, but I feel that my expectations and hopes weren't met. It's been a long, HARD road. Full steam ahead, I guess.


Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

Why is it that more sleep or less sleep always seems to be the answer? Wow just one more semester; I've got three. Although I feel like I need a schedule if I'm ever gonna make through a thesis.

I'd be interested to hear what your original hopes were and what you think you got out of the MFA since the two appear to be different.

allison said...

I'm doubting the worth/merit of my program too... I hate that you/we are both feeling this way, but it really makes me feel better to know others are having this issue.

The Boyfriend Shopper said...

Im loving your blog. I just stumbled across it.

Feel free to check out mine!

Becca said...

Tanya, I know how you feel. Looking forward to lunch with you today.

Tanya said...

I suppose I thought I'd be writing ALL the time. I thought I'd have the time to write too, but it hasn't turned out that way. Sure, I've written several short stories, but I only write to finish something for workshop. I'm rarely inspired to write outside of class.

My professor keeps saying that the benefits of an MFA come after the program is over. I really hope that's true. I suppose I miss writing for myself (and strangers). I've learned that I hate writing for other writers.

There are a lot of great things that I'm getting out of this program, I just wish I could see the bigger benefits now.


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