Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The End of a Hair-a

Get it... a pun on "era"? Okay, enough of my quasi cleverness.

Friday morning, at 11am, I will be thrusting myself into the hands of a stranger. No romantic undertones here because that is not my life. No, I will be trusting a complete stranger with my scalp and the madness that emits from it daily. This is not the first time I've entrusted a stranger with the well-being of my hair, so I'm not nervous about that. I'm nervous about what I will be doing to my hair for the first time in twenty years: chopping it off to it's full, 100% natural state. Background information: I've chemically straightened my hair for at least 20 years now; sure those who know me in the physical (again, not a sexual undertone) sense know that my hair is curly, but with a little effort, thanks to the straightening process, I can straighten it out. Well... chemicals begone! I'm reaching back to my roots (pun intended) and I'm going natural. I'm scared out of my damn mind. Fear of the unknown and all that. Mostly fear because I'll likely have some in your face hair, which makes it hard to hide. So, it's very likely that I could look like any one of the feature photographs to the right. The thought makes me tingly with anxiety.

I don't know what to expect with all of this, I just know that I feel like I'm about to make a HUGE mistake. However, mistakes must be made to grow, right? Too bad it's such an in your face mistake. The hair might look cute if I was a bit more angular, as the women photographed here, but alas I'm round like the world. We'll see. No promises to post pictures here--unless I look fierce. :)

On to other news:
  • I'll be spending the holiday weekend in D.C. with my sister. It'll be pretty awesome spending the 4th of July in the nation's capital city! We'll see how close I can get to the White House.
  • Still haven't heard back from any journals regarding my story. My online status for two still reads "received," so that's a good sign (I hope).
  • I applied for jobs in Boston--full time jobs. Why? Because I can't live off what I make any more, I'm not receiving funding from school (I have some, but the debt out-weighs the free money) and it doesn't look like I'm getting anything additional. Probably shouldn't have stayed quiet about it, but honestly this school is f-d up and I'm fed up.
  • Current YA Novels: Ranger's Apprentice (currently reading, but slow going), Magyk, Jellicoe Road, and The Alchemyst. My goal is to read more "adult" things in August. It's nice thought to be able to recommend books to people when I work back in the kid's department at B&N--makes me feel worthy (in the eyes of YA anyway... not so much adults who probably think I should grow up).


Margosita said...

Good luck with the hair!

Are you leaving school? (Is that what you meant by applying for full time jobs in Boston?)

Tanya said...

If I get a job in Boston, I'd see about taking one class a semester. If I couldn't take one-class a semester, I'd probably take a year off and work on paying off some debt. Not an ideal situation, but practical I think.

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

well that sucks about the funding. Kinda glad I didn't take UNH up on their offer of admission now that I know what your experience is. At least here I can wrangle teaching gigs.

Semi-related. I'm going "natural" with my hair too; different effect though. I'm just trying to let my hair grow out without dying it. I want to stop with the chemicals but the effect in the interim is kinda sloppy looking.

Bunmi said...

so.. I totally love YA! Don't feel guilty! It's almost ALL I read! :) I wish I worked in a bookstore again ... maybe it'll be my part-time job.

And I feel you about school being f-ed up when it comes to financial aid. There's a reason why I'm about to be in serious debt ... or technically already am. The loan repayment is going to kill me. I need a job!!!!

We NEVER talk anymore. Sad times.


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