Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Dark at 4:30... Do You Know Where Your Sanity Is?

Tidbits from Tanya Land... the scariest place on earth:
  • I go to Subway a lot.
  • The semester's winding down and it's really weird. I have five more assignments that I need to turn in and then I'm done. We're already pre-registering for the spring--I'm looking to take a memoir class. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It'll be difficult to write about myself, but I'm really looking forward to it.
  • I need to buy some boots. I probably shouldn't have bought a CD of Christmas music by Josh Groban (ooo la la, he's got a great voice) or the movie "E.T." Impulse buys in a moment of pure emotional weakness. So worth it.
  • I'm being hard on myself because I wanted to write only new stories to submit for workshop and I made a decision last night (fueled by my horoscope that said I should choose to partake in happy activities to remain in a blissful emotional state) that I would submit one of my application pieces instead. It's definitely a load off my creative mind, but I still feel like a slacker.
  • I suck at time management. I probably need to give up my Wednesday shift at Barnes and Nobel, BUT we are in a time of economic crisis and the money is somewhat decent (not really, but I like working there because I don't have to think about anything).
  • My friend and I are going to write a vampire novel together. He wants "to make millions" and considers writing popular fiction selling out (in a way). I don't consider it selling out--I consider it my calling. I think writing it will be a lot of fun and we have a kick ass idea that will definitely sell (I'm always overly optimistic), but part of me doesn't want to do it to keep him from "selling out". It's a dilemma. And yet... it was his idea. He'd had a few beers though. I'm still testing him, which probably isn't too fair. When we start writing chapters I'll believe. At this point, I'm stealing from Mulder: "I want to believe."
  • Reading Flannery O'Connor is definitely interesting. I had to have my professor sign my pre-registration form and she asked me what it was like reading O'Connor (who drops the N-bomb every paragraph). My response: In the context (she was writing to her time) I'm tolerant of it, but I don't like it at all. It's such an ugly word--spoken or unspoken. I told her that I have friends who would pitch a royal fit. And although I hate the word passionately--I find myself shrugging. I don't have time for ignorance, and I'm not going to waste my time on other people's ignorance. I don't know. She wanted my opinion as the "token". I'm an altered token though. Oh well, we should all hate that word.
  • Speaking of... is anyone else alarmed at the increased reporting of KKK activity (I'm an avid reader). This scares me. I'm scared for the Obamas--and my sister too. Cause ya'll know those nut jobs will take posts outside the White House to protest and my sister works like a block away. She talks to secret service outside her building and they said they're concerned for Obamas daughters (kidnappings). Obama better put those kids in private school--safety first, damn the "politics".
  • I may be displaced come Christmas. I don't know what I want to do yet or where I should go. My housemates' son is coming home with his girlfriend. Where the hell are they going to sleep? And if I did go somewhere else for the holiday, do I want them crashed out in MY room? Hell to the no.
  • I really should be doing homework now.
  • It gets dark at 4:30pm here. What the hell. I feel like I should be passed out by 7pm. It's VERY strange... and I'm not sure if the perpetual darkness has messed up my emotions. I did buy ET.... hmmmm.


Margosita said...

You know, I am concerned about the Obama girls. But I'm glad to hear that so is the secret service. I want them to be worried so that they are vigilant (which, of course, they are already trained to be). I'm confident. Obama had secret service earlier than any other Presidential candidate ever, so not only are they well practiced and in tune with threats and dangerous groups, the girls are also probably used to them and understand the need for protection.

I turned in an old piece for workshop, recently. I didn't apply with it, but I was still worried. It turned out to be a great workshop experience. I hope yours is the same!

Becca said...

I KNOW this perpetual darkness has messed up my emotions. I need to get up early and just sit outside in the sun for a little while, storing it up.

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

It's 7:20 now and it feels like 10. At 5pm I'm grumpy b/c the good TV isn't yet on.

Re: nut jobs and Obama. Someone told me that President Bush has had the most (thwarted) assassination attempts of any US president in history. The secret service are well prepared.


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