Monday, October 27, 2008

Second Workshop Over

So, my story was workshopped today. Overall, it went really well (much better than the first time around), so yay! There are definitely places where I could work things out more (naturally) and I'm still telling. :( But maybe there was less telling in this one? I'll schedule a time to meet up with my prof to see, but he wasn't the only one to say that some things could be cut. I'm learning though and I guess that's the important thing.

I'm trying to think of what else to post about--there's a bit Halloween/sleepover/birthday party on Friday. I'm totally looking forward to it. I bought an afro wig for the occasion--very psyched about it. I could probably tease up my own hair to make a ginormous afro, but I don't want to deal with the after effects. I have a big grammar assignment due on Thursday, but I just feel like watching some TV or reading a novel. I should start writing my next story, but I have yet to be inspired.


Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

Wow - I had my story workshopped today too! (except this is the first time I've been workshopped all semester). ... I thought the story was "complete" but it turns out that I only just realized what the most interesting part of the story is! Which is of course the part that I glossed over previously lol. It's become a whole new creature in the course of an hour, but more about that later.

Creative non-fic has always been difficult for me. But for some reason lately, maybe because I'm living away from family and previous friends, I'm suddenly more able to do it. Maybe it's just the perspective of being older. hmm..

Bunmi said...

Getting tougher skin? hehe.

And I understand writing for school not being fun ... story of my life.


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