Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today was a very long, difficult day. I made a mistake at work and spent last night and all of today getting it fixed. Making mistakes sucks... live and learn, I guess, but still. I feel like I slapped someone's baby. My glowing reputation of awesomeness is now tarnished. Must break out the polish. Must hang my head a little longer. My point of bringing up this not so glamorous episode of failure is that I totally ditched the gym and then proceeded to comfort eat with a slice of garlic naan and some thin-mint and cookies and cream fro-yo with Oreos on top. 

I know what you're thinking: Did she dip the garlic naan into the fro-yo?

Answer: No. Gross. Although, if I had been any lower, maybe....

I may always be an emotional eater. At least I didn't go too crazy. Although, there's still time for Life cereal. Oh wait, no there's not because I finished the box last night in the midst of the start of my #epicworkfail.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow things will be better. I wish they were better now. There's a Raven's game on... the perfect background to do a little work on my new novel. But... I have no motivation. I'm starting to wonder if I need to go up and put my Raven's t-shirt on. I'm starting to think that it's "lucky." I'm pretty sure I wore it every day that they played last year and they won the superbowl. It's problematic that the armpits have a bit of funk to them--guess I shouldn't wear it as a work out t-shirt.

OH life.

Okay, let me put my t-shirt on and stop complaining.

Update: Unless the Ravens can score eight points in the next 2 minutes, my t-shirt didn't work. I did, however, write a few pages of my novel. So, the evening ends on an upswing.

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