Friday, April 5, 2013

"Ready For Love"

And, unfortunately, I'm not talking about the incredible India Arie song...

So... I watch a lot of TV and about 20% is probably "bad" (or 80% depend on who evaluates my DVR list). I watch a little bit of everything: fashion shows, dramas, comedies, science fiction fantasy sagas, crab boat fishermen, bizarre (lets just call some of it disgusting) foods, cooking shows, a TON of "murder" based shows, and what is now being branded as "redneck" television.... The only thing I don't watch are the reality dating shows. I just can't do The Bachelor and Bachelorette and whatever else crap is out there. There's a new show coming out called Ready for Love on NBC. For some reason, this show really bothers me. I've only seen previews for it and those are enough to make my skin crawl. I guess my dislike comes from how they're trying to make it seem different from all the other dating shows because this one has "professional matchmakers" setting up three bachelors who are "ready for love." Then they commence with the romantic picnic lunches, half-naked make out sessions in the ocean, guitar serenades, gym workouts with bare sweaty chests (oooo, look at my prowess with this jump rope, I'm a sexy beast), and fancy clothes and cars.

Why doesn't NBC call it "Three 'Sexy' People Looking for Three More 'Sexy' People Who Will Lust After Each Other on National TV, Showing the World that THIS Is What Love Looks Like and What You Must Look Like to Have It"?

Watch the preview. Isn't it unsettling?

I mean, I'm not really in a position to say that what these dating show "contestants" are feeling is not love. I don't know much about romantic love. But, shouldn't it be more... dirty (and not "whips and handcuffs" dirty, just less... put together)? Love is more than a TV dating show, right? And isn't love diverse? (It hasn't escaped my notice that most of these shows feature beautiful white people. As I am the product of a white person and a black person, I'd like to see a little more interacialness happening on TV. Mix it up people!) Are we, as a society, really only interested in perfectly fit, beautiful people, making out with each other? Is this really entertainment?

So, I don't know... I just don't find these shows realistic. I'm not sure if that's saying much from a girl who was once in love with X Files and currently watches Supernatural.

Just some thoughts.


Jammi said...

Honestly, I don't watch The Bachelor or any of those shows because they take themselves too seriously and I don't buy their concept at all.

And this is from someone who watched two seasons of Flavour of Love, LOL. Then again, I watched that for the fact that it was a in your face hot mess.

[ "Three 'Sexy' People Looking for Three More 'Sexy' People Who Will Lust After Each Other on National TV, Showing the World that THIS Is What Love Looks Like and What You Must Look Like to Have It"]

See, I don't see it like that at all but then again I don't buy into any of the concept. I very rarely find any of the 'bachelors' attractive and my default assumption is that it's fake. I just can't buy into the fantasy that these perfect male (and female) specimen need to find love via a TV show.

I also think that the people are doing it for attention/fame.

And on top of that I know that's not how love is, the whole set up isn't romantic to me and I figure most people watching it want to have a weekly dose of fake romance but they're aware that it's not real life.

But I can understand why it would be an issue though, it's just not one of my triggers.

Tanya said...

The concept is so bad it irritates me. I think what I was trying to get at is that for a reality show about love, I'd like it to be a little more realistic.

And I do think shows like this have the potential to give people false ideas of love/dating/etc. There are a lot of people out there that take things at face value. These shows can reinforce negative ideals of beauty, sex appeal, and desirability. Even if everyone knew that it was all fake, would it not be as successful if you threw in a few average Joes and Emilys? Why are we so intrigued with "beautiful" people?

It's definitely not romantic set up, but it's obviously selling and selling big... my question is why? What's the appeal of this fake romantic stuff? It's not at all appealing to me. Why do people like it so much? I suppose the same question can be asked for Honey Boo Boo, which is total trash and I watch it from time to time.

It's all subjective.

Jammi said...

I think the appeal for most people is the same appeal we get from reading romance novels. You get to 'experience' so called 'real' people falling in love 'naturally' even if you don't believe it.

It's like being privy to your next door neighbour's relationship without having to deal with the boring bits and you can give your real opinion without losing your friend. Your more attractive neighbour you can fantasize about.

Of course, if they tried to make it more realistic it would probably be just as offensive or more so, didn't they have 'average joe' for a while, but the guy was still quite attractive?

They never do anything with two average people probably because people aren't interested in watching people who look like them fall in love unless it's to gossip.

But you're right, there probably are people who buy into the concept and think it's real.


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