Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think I just had my last workshop!

Wow, so besides the fact that I haven't been a regular poster this semester (or last)... I think I just had my last workshop class tonight. I may get to do one more revision, but this may be it. I can hardly believe it. Seems like I just started this thing yesterday. If I think about my first workshop story in the Fall 2008 to this one tonight, I can say that I've made some huge advancements. I feel like I've regained some of the confidence that I lost the first year. Too bad my classes are over now because I think that with one more year with this program I would have so much more experience under me. Now, it's thesis time, which I have yet to really start work on.

You know, for all the ups and downs that I've reported on this blog. In the end, well, the end of fiction workshop anyway, I feel really satisfied. It feels like a good note to end on--maybe I won't do another revision. Now if I could just get something published! :)

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Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

Wow! You're done! (almost) I'm only about half way there.

I'm glad you ended workshop on a high note -- and I'm certain there are other ways to keep building up confidence. I could send you some of the published novels that I had to put down b/c they were so poorly written, for instance. Proof that you're better than you think you are. :)


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