Thursday, May 28, 2009

Movie Madness Take Two and Three

So... I'm a bit behind in my posts about movies.

Since my XMen Origins report, I've seen Star Trek and Terminator Salvation. Both movies were good--nice entertainment (as all action movies should be). Action in Terminator is a bit more exciting than Star Trek, and story line--both are about equal I think. It's hard to tell whether or not I need to be a die hard fan for both movies. I could pick up subtle shout-outs to the old movies, but I still wonder HOW much of the old story line I need to make the films really connect. I had no problems with the plot lines however (some of my friends noticed a lot of holes, but I guess I fill them up or just didn't care). Or maybe I go into action movies like these with no plot/character expectations as one of my friends, I like to call him Captain Awesome, does. I just don't know--I like most movies (except one called Scourge, which was the WORST movie I've ever seen, and I only allowed my self to watch about 15 minutes of it).

Here are my reviews:

My Star Trek rating: B-

My Terminator Salvation Rating: B-

Next up:
  • Up
  • Angels & Demons

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Amy K. said...

You should add "Away We Go" to your summer movie adventures. I loved it. But, I should warn you that I much prefer character development movies to action movies. Are you taking any classes this summer?


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