Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

I feel like I've slept most of my spring break away. I was hoping to get out of town, but that didn't happen because I lost my cushiony tax refund (long story about back taxes that I didn't realize I owed). I suppose sleep was much needed though--I've been running raw the past several months. Three jobs and full time classes AND socializing with amazing friends really sucks away the time. I didn't have one of my classes for a few weeks back in February and it was blissful! I would love to take only two classes and really devote time to writing (which is why I'm in the program, right?). I could go part-time, but that would mean me giving up what very little funding I received (decisions went out last week and I didn't get anything additional) and as we all know, every little bit counts. Too bad what funding I do have requires full-time status. A friend of mine and her husband have a financial advisor--I'm wondering if I should find one to counsel me (probably just one session). I think I need the reality of my future slapped into my head with a 2-by-4. It's scary having to take on this debt on top of my other education debt and poor money decisions. Part of me wonders if it's really all worth it. It's a stress that really makes me crazy sometimes. Crazy enough to bite a friend's head off, which is not very attractive or fair.

Anyway, I've slept a lot, watched movies, and ate probably too much. I need to read another book before the weekend ends. I've started Holly Black's Ironside: A Modern Day Faery's Tale--maybe I'll try to finish that tonight/tomorrow. It's a pretty quick read.

Today I went to a beach in Maine--York Harbor Beach. It was freezing near the water (wind) but such a beautiful spring day! I've been told that today was the first of spring anyway. A few friends went with me and we hiked up a cliff trail and ate a picnic lunch in the sun. It was completely relaxing, if not cold (about 35 degrees and all I wore was a sweatshirt!). Now I'm getting back into the school work thing to prepare for next week. Blah.

(York Harbor Beach)

(The view from our picnic location)


first person limited said...

THREE jobs? Good lord, how do you manage that?! I think that's what I'm most worried about with an MFA - taking 3 classes, teaching x classes, plus maybe still having to work to stay afloat, and for what? Will I have time to write? I could just keep a full-time job and WRITE... sooooo yeah sorry I totally just turned this in to all about me, haha. I sleep away EVERY Saturday and always regret it, but I think if you need it - it's worth it!

Amy K. said...
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Amy K. said...

Hey, there is no sand on that beach. This west-coast-livin' chic has a difficult time comprehending that. Hang in there with the long until you get a break for summer?

And, yep, I gave up Target for Lent. It is so freakin' hard, but I have saved so much money. I can't tell you how often a $4 bottle of mouthwash suddenly turns into $100 worth unnecessary shoes and clothes. If it makes you feel better, I lost my cushy tax refund with the move too. I get to write a big fat check to the State of California next month. Hang in there...miss ya.

Becca said...

Tanya, I had such a great time with you on our beach day. A truly relaxing day. It was just what I needed.

I think Kristina and I will be getting together for a Carey Grant flick after workshop next Tuesday at my place. I hope you can come watch it with us.

You are a great writer. Can't wait to buy your first novel one day.


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